Why am I so confused >”<


Why it’s so damn serious to me >”<

Am I too confused or is it true that he has feeling for you >”<

I mean I always feel like your relationship is just one-side-feeling

You took care of him, you mentioned him in his talk, you missed him, you thought about him…

Everything is that you did for him

What about him,

Only consider you as a roomate, nothing more or less.


What is happening recently?

He is trying to show the world his feeling for you, isn’t he?

Or just another joke from him

Is he trying to hurt your feeling… again?


In the past, he has never done those things, why now?

He feels that he will lose you oneday so he scared?

He is trying to get you back?

Is this too late?

People always lost things then know how important it is to them.

If he knows that you’re important to him, is it too late?


Kyuhyun ah~

I do not care the way you get him back

But do not hurt him, ok? 


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